Installing and using the MECControl software

The MECControl software gives you an intuitive language to control the devices connected to your Arduino/Genuino Uno or Mega from your Windows PC.

Minimum requirements

Installing and running the software

Watch a video tutorial

  1. Download the MECControl software.
  2. If you didn’t open the downloaded file directly from your web browser, locate it and double-click on it to open it.
  3. Double-click on the MECControl Setup.exe file to begin installation, and follow the prompts.

After installation has completed, MECControl will run automatically. To run it in the future, look for its icon on your Windows Desktop, or in your Windows Start Menu.

Using the software

Watch a video tutorial

Here’s what MECControl looks like when it first runs:

At the top of the window is a Toolbar containing several buttons. If you ever need help, clicking on the Help button will bring you to this website.

Below the toolbar is the Editor where you write sequences. As you type in the editor, you will see that line numbers are displayed on its left-hand side.

At the bottom of the window is a Status Bar. Here MECControl will display messages relating to actions you have taken, or display error messages if there is a problem with a sequence. To the right of the status bar, the current position of the cursor is displayed.

About sequences

A Sequence is a list of commands that you write to tell MECControl how you would like it to control the devices connected to your Arduino/Genuino Uno or Mega.

There are commands that relate to specific devices, and also some general-purpose commands.

If you enter a command correctly, it will be reformatted for you and coloured appropriately. If MECControl doesn’t understand a command, it will underline it in red and give you information about the error in the status bar.

When correcting errors, correct the top-most one first and work down through the sequence — frequently you will find that fixing one error will correct some of those later in the sequence.

Check out the Example Sequences folder in the installation ZIP file for some simple sequences to help you get started.

Creating, opening and saving sequences

Sequence files have a .seq extension, but they are just simple text files that can be opened by any text editing software.

Playing sequences

Before trying to play a sequence, make sure all errors have been corrected or commented out. Ensure your Arduino/Genuino Uno or Mega is plugged into a USB port and that you have correctly connected devices to its pins.

When you play a sequence, MECControl reads the commands line-by-line and carries them out. During playback, the line that is currently playing is highlighted in green and its line number appears in the status bar.

Using the display window

When you play a sequence that includes the Clear, Draw or Write commands, a window will appear displaying the results.

If your PC has more than one monitor, you can move the display window to any of them and it will take on the selected monitor’s aspect ratio when it is maximised.